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I feel like we need more Gladwell to play against Bill to get these think-piece columns going.

In fact, I think we need to get Bill a new show with Gladwell and Larry Wilmore as permanent co-hosts.

I only started reading Bill because he had heated and fantastic discussions with my late great hero Ralph Wiley (in my mind, those columns were the print versions of podcasts, before podcasts came alive).

The Gladwell back-and-forth filled some of the void left by Ralph’s silence.

Bill is a muse who surrounds himself with muses.

When other smart people keep him in check, and push him, he pushes back. What evolves from that is some of the freshest and most honest thinking about sports that I’ve ever read.

In a way, the entire Medium platform is a natural extension of those early back-and-forth “vs” columns on Page 2.

I have an idea — maybe it’s crazy — but I want you to prove me wrong in a smart way — or prove me right using madness. Let’s be mad together! Let’s disagree and redefine things together!

Let’s go head to head and play to a draw. Let’s leave words and ideas on the ground like sweat-soaked shoes.

Let’s invent something new to wear out, when the words we have left get ripped along the edges.

Let’s still save the best pair of our invention for ourselves — because competition is competition.

Let’s stop reacting to everything, and for god’s sake, let’s start our shots while the pass is in the air.

More of this. More. More. More.